Keep Your Employees Happy This Season – Let them work from anywhere.

Twas the time over Christmas, and all down the hall

Not a worker was present, no lights on at all.

The weather was snowy – too slippery for driving

Work had to be done, business year end was thriving.

Clients were waiting and bosses were needy

Employers had to find ways to work smartly and speedy!

But no phones went unanswered, no emails unread

As merry employees accessed them from home instead.

So keep your employees happy this season, here’s a gift from me

Try out Cisco WebEx for 14 days, absolutely free.

Sign up for a free trial.

Santa Claus

Author: Santa Claus

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, or Kris Kringle, is responsible for bringing gifts to the homes of children on December 24th. The members of his team include elves from across the nation and several reindeer including Rudolf. Claus is located in the North Pole and uses WebEx to stay in contact with his leading elves and raindeer on the eve of Christmas, the most important day of the year. Claus has his CCNA and has been in operation since the 19th century.

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Global Editors Conference: Cisco is ready to tackle Big Data and other trends

This week I had the pleasure of attending the 2014 Cisco Global Editors Conference at Cisco HQ in San Jose. This exclusive event was attended by media from all over the world, who were given ring-side seats to conversations with senior Cisco executives – including CEO John Chambers – on the future of technology, and Cisco’s strategies to better meet that future.

Global Editors Confernce

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Digging Deep @ The 3rd Annual Global Mining IT and Communications Summit

As we collectively enter the next transition of the Internet, the Internet of Everything (IoE), traditional industries such as energy, manufacturing and mining are recognizing the unprecedented opportunities of intelligently connecting people, process, data and things. However, for these industries embracing the IoE opportunity is often a complex and challenging journey to transform traditional business processes, of many of which existed prior to the Internet. The complexity can range from economic factors, such as fluctuating commodity prices affecting capital investment, to cultural and organizational challenges in digitizing (connecting the unconnected) operational assets such as plants, oil fields and mines through the adoption of information and communications technology (ICT).

For many of these industries, it is not uncommon for the Information Technology (IT) and Operations teams to still work in silos. Fundamentally this becomes a cultural barrier to achieving an IoE-enabled organization.

One event that takes a bold step in bridging collaboration between Information Technology and Operations within the mining sector is the annual Global Mining IT and Communications Summit. This year’s the event was held in early November over two days in beautiful Vancouver and brought in over 120 IT and mining industry executives from across the globe to discuss and collaborate on the future of IT for the mining sector.


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Students Showcase Innovation at Polytechnics Canada

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending the 2014 Student Applied Research Showcase, presented by Polytechnics Canada and hosted by BCIT in Vancouver.


When we think about research in science, technology, and engineering, we typically don’t think of Canadian Colleges play a very active and relevant role. Nothing seems to be further from the truth: in the 2013/2014 school year, 11,927 students at the Polytechnics Canada college undertook 1,789 applied research projects. Some 1,643 faculty/staff participated in the applied research, helping develop 946 prototypes among other commercial ventures.

Eleven of these 1,789 research projects were highlighted at the Student Applied Research Showcase on November 14th. For the 2nd year in a row, I was part of the jury that heard, questioned, and reviewed these eleven amazing student project presentations (one from each of the eleven College members of Polytechnics Canada) that exemplified creativity and ingenuity in applied research from Canadian colleges. The tweet capture below highlights the projects of each of the participating colleges. The whole Showcase day and the gala the night before were designed to celebrate and stimulate applied research within the Canadian college system, with a strong call for continued focus on science, technology, and engineering.

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Cloud computing, coming to an Oil and Gas company near you, Part 2

In my previous blog I discussed the evolution of cloud computing in the Oil and Gas industry. Here I will discuss how cloud computing will likely evolve in the next 5 years.

In just a short time cloud computing has been revolutionary for business. This new paradigm has transformed how we work, giving us the power and information we need to be productive almost anywhere, while at the same time helping to reign-in ballooning IT costs. Much the same way cloud computing has redefined business technology, it will fundamentally change the way the Oil and Gas sector operates as it is accepted and implemented throughout the industry.

Brad - Cloud in Oil - Part 2

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What Cisco Being A Part of the TO2015 Games Means to Me

What comes to mind when I see Pan AM swag around my office? Athleticism, togetherness, and a fun environment—values that we live by here at Cisco! And why is this great? It shows that Cisco is not a company that only cares about technology, but we care for the well being of our employees, our friends, our families and athletes around the globe.

A few months ago, I was asked to be a part of something special…a part of a TO2015 video. I ran towards the opportunity because fitness is important to me, and I am genuinely proud to see the company that I work for promote health and fitness. Although this may not have been my Hollywood debut, it was a fun run, and was great to work alongside peers that share the same excitement that I do. Check out the video below.

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What keeps you up at night? Latest Cisco research reveals why Canadian organizations need to shore up their network security strategy sooner than later

When it comes to network security, what keeps IT professionals up at night?

With new Cisco research revealing that 60%of Canadian organizations don’t have a security strategy or policy in place, or are unsure whether their current strategy prepares them for the future, there just may be a lot of sleep-deprived network managers out there.

It goes without saying that, without a comprehensive security approach, Canadian businesses are leaving themselves woefully underprepared when it comes to guarding against data loss, theft and persistent malware attacks. Our research bears this out, flagging that six out of 10 businesses either do not have a security strategy in place, and/or are unsure whether their security strategy accounts for an evolving data centre and IT consumption model, or do not have a strategy to prepare for these changes. The research also notes that “Canadian businesses with less than 100 employees are the most likely to not have a security strategy (26%), while mid-sized businesses are the least likely to have a strategy in place for changing IT consumption models (25%). Continue reading

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The Internet of Everything, for Everyone

Two significant events took place in Toronto in the last week of October: SmartWeek 2014 and the Toronto Global Forum.

SmartWeek 2014 was the inaugural Canadian version of what is becoming a global phenomenon. With the theme of “Innovating the Future of the Internet of Things” the conference, hosted by the University of Toronto, acted as a gathering spot for industry, government, academia, entrepreneurs and exciting startups that want to build on the great opportunities of the digital age.

Rick IoE for Everyone - Nov 25

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To Live and Collab in L.A.

This year Collaboration Summit was set in sunny Southern California and although I’m sad I couldn’t be there, I thought I would hop on the Cisco Canada Blog to review the major announcements. So without further ado, let’s take a look at Project Squared, the Cisco Business Edition 6000 coming to the mid-market and the new look three-screen TelePresence units.

Project Squared

Project Squared

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Cloud Computing, Coming to an Oil and Gas Company Near You

For many in the Oil and Gas industry cloud computing might seem like a confusing IT buzzword with very little substance. Trying to wade through the complexities of all its offshoots (public, private, on-premise cloud) without understanding the base concept probably just makes things worse. So is this just technology for technology’s sake or are there some real benefits to cloud computing for Oil and Gas?

The answer is unequivocally yes. Cloud computing will significantly change the way the Oil and Gas industry will use IT, and, in fact, the change is already underway.

Brad - Cloud in Oil - Nov 19

Not so new after all
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