Why Meraki’s Cloud-Managed Fullstack is the only Solution your Business will ever Need

By Karim Remu, Cisco Canada

This post is first in a series on Cisco mobility solutions.

Simplicity. That is what we strive for with every Meraki solution. So if you’ve ever thought Cisco networking solutions were too complex, we’ve got big news for you.

Meraki’s cloud based management provides centralized visibility and control over wired and wireless networking hardware, without the cost and complexity of wireless controllers or overlay management systems. In short, what was once a cloud-managed WiFi offering is now a complete solution with switching, security, iWAN and routing functionality.

In fact, Meraki’s cloud-managed networking solution now provides the tools Canadian businesses require to implement scalable networks…but with dramatically simpler management and powerful network visibility.

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Optimizing your Spark Experience

Author: Nicky Kearns – Follow @ciscokearns on Twitter.

I have had many great conversations with customers, partners and colleagues over the past weeks and months about Cisco Spark. They revolve around two things, what it is and how to best use it. The first part has been well covered in blogs by Rowan Trollope but in essence Spark is a team work application that is transforming the way we communicate and get work done. For the purposes of this blog, I would like to show how I have optimized Spark into a very powerful collaboration tool, to the point that it is now the first thing I look at when coming online in the morning and the last thing I look at as I finish my day.  It’s amazing how quickly my habits have changed.

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Why the Internet is Better than Hover Boards

It is 2015. October 21st. 4:29pm. Many of us are in great anticipation of where and when the DeLorean with Marty McFly will appear. Yes, it’s the year he is coming from the past to save his children… and it just happened to occur during the Jimmy Kimmel show. Notice Marty and Doc Brown’s disappointment as they find out that there are no such things as hover boards or flying cars?

Marty astutely asked “What have you been doing in the past 30 years?”

Well, Marty, let me explain how busy we have been. Continue reading

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How we helped OTMH become one of the most advanced hospitals in Canada

By Tony Marcelli, FlexITy Solutions

Over the last 5 years, FlexITy has been working in partnership with the EllisDon Information, Communication, Automation, and Technology (ICAT) team, Cisco and Halton Healthcare to deploy an ICAT Infrastructure at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH). This partnership helped our team implement and design an infrastructure to achieve 4 main goals:

• A reliable network infrastructure to support clinical applications (Medical Grade Network)
• To enable staff with access to vital information anywhere in the facility
• To leverage technology to ensure patient and staff safety
• To enhance communication tools and messaging to better patient care

Let’s go through each of these, and how they will impact the Hospital and patients. Continue reading

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Behind-the-scenes: State-of-the-art New Oakville Hospital

Last week, we hosted a media tour of the new Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH). Boasting progressive technologies and patient-centered enhancements, OTMH will sit apart from other healthcare facilities when it opens its doors on December 13. How so? The new hospital, featuring Cisco technology implemented by our integration partner, FlexITy Solutions and our construction partner EllisDon, is designed to be flexible and allow for adaptations over time as new technology and best practices emerge. And wow, is it impressive.


The new hospital combines advanced technology solutions with patient-centred enhancements to provide better health care for patients.

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Extending Security Everywhere … including Canada

AS91226A few months ago at Cisco Live U.S., we announced both our strategy and several new offerings for Security Everywhere Across the Extended Network. We believe that our vision of delivering Security Everywhere – from the cloud to the network to the endpoint – is essential to reduce risk, gain competitive advantage and make security a growth engine for organizations.

Just last week we announced that we are extending Security Everywhere with new capabilities and services that deliver greater visibility, context and control from the cloud to the network to the endpoint, for organizations of all sizes. Continue reading

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Why it’s time to pay attention to Cloud Computing, Canada

Last week we released the fifth annual Cisco Global Cloud Index (2014-2019), our annual forecast of global data centre and cloud-based traffic growth and trends. Originally intended as a complementary resource to existing Internet Protocol (IP) network traffic studies such as our Visual Networking Index, the Global Cloud Index has become one of the most eye-opening – and important – reports we release.

Why? For the simple fact that cloud, for the most part, is the future of computing for many organizations, and the Cloud Index proves that without any doubt.

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What a difference a year makes…

My first time seeing the lake with no ice!

My first time seeing the lake with no ice!

As I was listening to music whilst on the treadmill, I started to reflect on just how beautiful the view across the lake was and with the sun shining down, I realized this week marked my one year anniversary of coming to Canada. Wow, how fast has that gone by!?!

Over the past 12-months, Cisco has seen its executive leadership change with Chuck Robbins becoming CEO. Under his guidance, the executive leadership team (ELT) is structured to move “faster” and I’m proud to say I work for a company that has equal representation of women and men on our ELT.

Here in Canada, honestly, there’s more than I can list here. So, I’ll speak to a few of my highlights:
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The Courage to Take Action

WomenLunch (360)

On September 30th, a community of passionate professionals came together for the first Women of Influence speaking series luncheon of the year. I was fortunate to be invited to deliver the keynote speech and share some of my leadership story with them.

I’ve always found it helpful and interesting to hear about the experiences of others. My speech focused on leadership in the digital age, and afterwards, there were some really insightful, thought-provoking questions. I thought I’d share a brief introduction to some of my views on leadership.

The digital age is a highly matrix, complex, fast moving and exciting time. I think it represents a fantastic opportunity for women – our time is now. Continue reading

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Cisco SDN Controller for Enterprise Networks: APIC-EM and IWAN App

In my previous blog “APIC-EM: The evolution from traditional management to SDN-led, policy-based automation” I discussed how traditional management is transitioning to an abstracted model which will hide implementation details in order to accomplish simplification … something we are all looking for.

Today we will be going a bit deeper into this concept and discuss a very exciting application of APIC-EM: IWAN App.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.00.15 PM

Cisco IWAN solution or Intelligent WAN is an architecture that allows customers to leverage lower cost transports in their branch offices in order to increase performance and application experience without compromising security and operational costs. Continue reading

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