Another Great Success: Cisco Elevates the Fan Experience at Rogers Cup

By Nicole Dufraine, Marketing Intern, Cisco Canada

Earlier in August, Ian Gallagher blogged about what attendees can expect from Cisco Canada at this year’s Rogers Cup presented by The National Bank. Similar to last year, fans, journalists and players once again had the opportunity to access both host cities at once and receive the ultimate experience with the help of TelePresence technology!

We held four Cisco fan chats throughout the week of the tournament which connected fans with their favorite tennis stars. Each afternoon, a different player participated in an interview session from the Rogers Connected Zone in Toronto or the Casino Montreal Stage in Montreal. In Toronto, we had nearly 100 people gathered in the Rogers Connected Zone to interview players.

Interviewing 2010 champion Gisele Dulka from Argentina via TelePresence in the Rogers Connected Zone.

As a marketing intern at Cisco Canada this summer, I contributed to a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work associated with Cisco Canada’s technology activations at various events. It was such a cool experience to help out with the Rogers Cup tournament this year and get to witness the results of all our hard work! With the tournament in full-swing and my pass in hand, I watched my first live tennis match. If that wasn’t exciting enough, next I got to speak with 2010 champion Gisele Dulka from Argentina via TelePresence in the Rogers Connected Zone. It was an awesome experience!

Not only was it the chance of a lifetime for fans (and me), it was also a perfect opportunity for Cisco to demonstrate the possibilities of its technology in the world of sports. Cisco is transforming the way sports fans experience events beyond the game itself. How cool is it that even from a province away, Rogers Cup fans still had access to their biggest tennis heroes, without the need for a VIP pass? Now that’s what I call an elevated experience!

When Cisco fan chats were not in session, the TelePresence screens were used to display match and social media updates, Olympic coverage and customized content for Rogers Cup attendees. Press Rooms in both Toronto and Montreal were outfitted with TelePresence units for media to connect to daily press conferences. Judging from the smiles and positive remarks coming in from fans, journalists and customers it looks like this was another job well done – and I’m glad I could be a part of it this year!

About Cisco Canada

Humans, devices and things are connecting. We’re assimilating a network that is complex, awe-inspiring and powerful. And we’re doing it faster than before. Tomorrow, we’ll work, live, play and learn much differently than we do today. Tomorrow’s world will surface an exciting, dynamic and thoughtful conversation — one that will transpire in the social web among thought leaders, network architects and early adopters. Cisco, the beating heart of this transformation, has the distinct opportunity and authority to lead this conversation. And with Cisco at the heart, more things will be connected, and tomorrow will be built with our imaginations. La connexion entre humains, appareils et objets est en train de s'établir. Nous sommes en voie d'assimiler un réseau complexe, imposant et puissant. Et nous sommes en train de le réaliser beaucoup plus vite qu'avant. Demain, notre travail, nos vies, nos loisirs et nos apprentissages seront très différents d'aujourd'hui. Le monde futur émergera de dialogues dynamiques et éclairés qui surgissent des liens sociaux tissés entre des chefs de file éclairés, des architectes réseau et des pionniers dans l'adoption de technologies. Et avec Cisco au coeur du mouvement, plus de choses se feront connecter qui permettra de construire un avenir fondé sur la richesse de notre imagination.
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