An entirely new approach to infrastructure: Cisco Live Orlando

Last month at Cisco Live in Orlando we introduced our vision for an entirely new networking architecture. One aimed at transforming data centers and better supporting cloud computing, mobility and new applications that require distributed computing.

We call it application centric infrastructure, and it’s going to change networking as we know it.

As Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior wrote:

Through our Application Centric Infrastructure vision, we will help IT departments dramatically simplify how they provision their data center resources (networking, servers, storage and services) that are critical to the performance of their applications.

In order to meet these demands, the infrastructure must evolve. It must become application-centric. Network, compute, and storage need to be able to operate as one high-performance resource pool that can be provisioned instantly and automatically according to the needs of the application and related IT policies with security pervasive throughout.

Today we have over 2,000 Unified Computing System (UCS) customers in Canada. Just as we transformed the computing world in 2009 with the introduction of UCS, we will transform the networking industry with application centric infrastructure. But our news last week didn’t stop there.

We also announced the Nexus 7700 switches and modules and a near-total refresh of our Catalyst and ISR portfolio, including our 6800 Catalyst Series switches. Individually these announcements demonstrate our commitment to innovation and leading-edge technologies.  Together, they signify our push into a new era in computing and data management.

But there was another significant part of Cisco Live last month that didn’t appear on any news wires or press conferences, and it’s worth mentioning before I sign off.

It was our visit to Lake Nona, a remarkable community in the Orlando area. Lake Nona has been designated an “Iconic city” project – a term Cisco uses to classify unique Smart + Connected Community (S+CC) projects around the world. Waterfront Toronto is one of those unique projects. Lake Nona is a net-new community which is focused on becoming a medical city. They are well on their way to this goal with the brand-new and stunningly designed Nemours Children’s Hospital, the University of Central Florida’s new medical school and Veterans Affairs Hospital under construction. Our media attendees received a comprehensive tour of some of these new facilities and were introduced to the Lake Nona vision by city, healthcare, education and Cisco executives. We’ll all be watching the evolution of this unique place.

Stay tuned for updates on these announcements and the future of computing. And if you attended Cisco Live in Orlando, share your experience below.

About Karin Scott

Karin Scott is the director of public relations for Cisco Canada. A Canadian tech PR industry veteran, Karin joined Cisco Canada in 2008 after leading the Cisco account on the agency side for 12 years. With a diverse communications background ranging from the performing arts to data centre, Karin works with Cisco Canada’s sales teams, customers, partners, the media and industry influencers to tell the Cisco in Canada story. She has an honours BA from the University of Western Ontario – and is an excellent parallel-parker! Karin Scott est la directrice générale des relations publiques pour Cisco Canada. Karin, qui a longtemps travaillé dans le secteur des relations publiques de l'industrie canadienne des technologies, est entrée au service de Cisco Canada en 2008, après avoir géré le compte de Cisco pour une agence pendant 12 ans. Karin, qui a des antécédents en communication très diversifiés, allant des arts de la scène aux centres de données, travaille avec les équipes de vente, les clients et les partenaires de Cisco Canada ainsi qu'avec les médias et les joueurs clés de l'industrie afin de raconter l'histoire de Cisco au Canada. Elle détient un baccalauréat spécialisé de la University of Western Ontario – et est un as du stationnement parallèle!
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