Summary: Exploring the Internet of Everything in Canada

Canada’s Victor Woo, Director of the Internet of Everything, recently discussed the state of the IoE in Canada. His insights focused on Canada’s unique position to reap the benefits of IoE in energy, healthcare, transportation and research industries.

Victor shares how Canada is well known for its natural resources, with a high concentration of industries in the energy sector. He discusses that within the energy industry – take oil and gas, for example—the opportunity to attach and intelligently connect sensors or converge multiple systems for equipment used in energy extraction for delivery would yield tremendous benefits. In the interview, Victor shares that the result of collecting vast amounts of data and turning it into meaningful information through big data analytics on a continual basis would be at the very least transformative.

To learn more about Victor’s thoughts about driving innovation, productivity and even connecting Canadian ice hockey to the Internet of Everything, check out the full article here.

About Rory Webber

Originally from the UK, Rory now resides in Toronto and leads Cisco Canada's Digital Marketing & Social Business strategy. His background includes 15+ years of marketing experience within global blue-chip organizations spanning Financial Services, IT, Telco and Publishing industries. Originaire du Royaume-Uni, Rory réside maintenant à Toronto et mène la stratégie de commercialisation numérique et des affaires sociales de Cisco Canada. Il possède plus de 15 ans d'expérience en commercialisation au sein de sociétés internationales de premier ordre dans les secteurs des services financiers, de l'informatique, des télécommunications et de l'édition.
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