The Venue that Stole the Show

In today’s world of the Internet of Everything (IoE), we are changing the expectations of customer experiences. Through wearable technology, wireless location-based services and even video analytics, companies can customize every interaction with the information provided to the customer.

We aren’t just talking about tangible products. Think about a concert venue where thousands of people come together for their favorite music artist. IoE can connect the venue with its fans as well as with the stage, exits, mass transit and screens. With IoE, the music venue can create an experience above any other.

Today, fans buy the best tickets they can in order to get as close to the stage as possible. They stay until the last possible moment, missing the final train home. They might even buy a special CD or promotional item to remember the event by. While definitely a memorable night out, the Internet of Everything can make this experience even better.

With the help of IoE, when fans call for a second encore, exits in the concert venue will notice people are not leaving quite yet, and can tell the routers to tell the trains to leave 10 – 15 minutes later than planned. No longer are the fans missing the last train; the Intelligent Network has created a truly connected public transit system.

The stadium can also activate backstage access via wristbands of the biggest fans. The network syncs content across their big screens while, at the same time, delivering promotions to fans on their mobile phones. All of a sudden, the stadium, an inanimate object, is talking directly to the fans. Through these targeted ads, the venue can recognize higher revenues and realize the ROI of their marketing efforts, all in real time. As High-Density Wi-Fi enriches the experience through bonus mp3 tracks for the fans that stayed through the finale, those same fans become superfans.

This is just the beginning of how the Internet of Everything can change how these experiences are created and delivered. Imagine what’s next! IoE is creating value for people and businesses alike by connecting the people, processes, data and things all playing a role in the experience.

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Author: Marie Hatter

About Cisco Canada

Humans, devices and things are connecting. We’re assimilating a network that is complex, awe-inspiring and powerful. And we’re doing it faster than before. Tomorrow, we’ll work, live, play and learn much differently than we do today. Tomorrow’s world will surface an exciting, dynamic and thoughtful conversation — one that will transpire in the social web among thought leaders, network architects and early adopters. Cisco, the beating heart of this transformation, has the distinct opportunity and authority to lead this conversation. And with Cisco at the heart, more things will be connected, and tomorrow will be built with our imaginations. La connexion entre humains, appareils et objets est en train de s'établir. Nous sommes en voie d'assimiler un réseau complexe, imposant et puissant. Et nous sommes en train de le réaliser beaucoup plus vite qu'avant. Demain, notre travail, nos vies, nos loisirs et nos apprentissages seront très différents d'aujourd'hui. Le monde futur émergera de dialogues dynamiques et éclairés qui surgissent des liens sociaux tissés entre des chefs de file éclairés, des architectes réseau et des pionniers dans l'adoption de technologies. Et avec Cisco au coeur du mouvement, plus de choses se feront connecter qui permettra de construire un avenir fondé sur la richesse de notre imagination.
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One Response to The Venue that Stole the Show

  1. Marc Lijour says:

    It would be nice to have a “Guitar Hero” effect. People generating excitement, applauding and jumping, would generate increasingly engaging visual effects throughout the venue.

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