An iSpecial Connection for Toronto’s SickKids Patients and Staff

SickKids iPad Fund. Banner

Through discovering multiple heartwarming stories about families and their involvement with SickKids Toronto Hospital, Cisco Toronto determined the need to take action, to do something impactful and fun to help improve hospitalization experiences for patients and families. Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.29.13 AM

A significant journey unfolded whereby a team at Cisco Toronto, led by Mahmoud Hassan (Network Consulting Engineer for Cisco Canada’s Advanced Services team), took their inspiration from these stories and recognized they could apply the innovative power of Apple’s iPad technology to help pediatric patients and hospital staff better cope with treatments and hospital stays. 

Starting on April 1st, 2014 the Cisco Toronto office ignited a brand new campaign to deliver iPad technology to the little hands of children at SickKids Toronto Hospital. The goal is for the technology to help young patients feel secure and comforted by offering them hands on familiar games, movies, books, music and apps, and keeping them connected with their loved ones at home. The iPads will also enable the hospital staff to better explain procedures in a meaningful way the children can digest.

Now at 5 weeks into the fundraising campaign, with the help and support from Cisco Toronto Employees, Contractors and many other generous donors,  the program has raised $7,076.00 CAD in funds for iPads! Congratulations to all contributors on this significant milestone!

As we continue the campaign, we need your help to reach our goal to providing 80 iPads for SickKids. Your contributions are most valuable and will give us the ability to achieve our mission! Please help us make this a reality by donating electronically via this site. Donations from Cisco Employees of $50.00 CAD or more are eligible for the Match Program: Community Connection Salesforce.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and exciting updates, and thank you supporting our mission to improve children’s hospital experiences and to put smiles on their faces with iPads.

Author: Timothy Schnare

About Cisco Canada

Humans, devices and things are connecting. We’re assimilating a network that is complex, awe-inspiring and powerful. And we’re doing it faster than before. Tomorrow, we’ll work, live, play and learn much differently than we do today. Tomorrow’s world will surface an exciting, dynamic and thoughtful conversation — one that will transpire in the social web among thought leaders, network architects and early adopters. Cisco, the beating heart of this transformation, has the distinct opportunity and authority to lead this conversation. And with Cisco at the heart, more things will be connected, and tomorrow will be built with our imaginations. La connexion entre humains, appareils et objets est en train de s'établir. Nous sommes en voie d'assimiler un réseau complexe, imposant et puissant. Et nous sommes en train de le réaliser beaucoup plus vite qu'avant. Demain, notre travail, nos vies, nos loisirs et nos apprentissages seront très différents d'aujourd'hui. Le monde futur émergera de dialogues dynamiques et éclairés qui surgissent des liens sociaux tissés entre des chefs de file éclairés, des architectes réseau et des pionniers dans l'adoption de technologies. Et avec Cisco au coeur du mouvement, plus de choses se feront connecter qui permettra de construire un avenir fondé sur la richesse de notre imagination.
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