Expert’s Corner: #HealthSummit14

This post was republished with permission from ReBoot Communications as part of its “Expert’s Corner” series leading up to the 14th Annual Healthcare Summit in Kelowna, British Columbia.

In anticipation of The 14th Annual Healthcare Summit, Reboot is excited to present “Expert’s Corner”, a series of blog posts featuring outstanding healthcare leaders and professionals who will be speaking at the summit later this month. Read on for a glimpse of what #HealthSummit14 is all about…

We had the opportunity to ask Shanti Gidwani a few questions about her views and opinions on pressing healthcare topics leading up to the summit:

Q: In your opinion, what is the biggest obstacle facing healthcare leaders/decision makers today? 
A: While it certainly wouldn’t be argued that clinical and policy decision makers attempt to primarily work towards improving the health of the citizens they serve, it can be difficult to articulate exactly how to get there. I believe that one of the biggest obstacles is aligning priorities amongst various interest groups in an attempt to get to a common goal.

Q: What are your current goals/objectives for shaping the future healthcare?
A: My current objective is to help healthcare organizations solve their clinical business problems through technology enablement. Sometimes, technology cannot help solve these problems, but much more often than not technology can help to play a role and can really enable clinical efficiency and improve accessibility for more citizens. It is important to create more partnership-like relationships with companies like Cisco Canada as opposed to the less-effective ‘vendor/customer’ relationship we have seen in the past. With the investments that private companies like Cisco Canada are making in Canada in various sectors (including healthcare), together we can really change how the world works, lives, plays and learns.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at #HealthSummit14 in Kelowna, BC?

A: Listening to the various speakers, understanding different viewpoints, appreciating the uniqueness of healthcare in Western Canada and the special networking opportunities that occur in this great environment. And of course we cannot forget the boat cruise!

About Shanti Gidwani

Shanti Gidwani is the National Senior Director of Healthcare at Cisco Canada, responsible for the transformation of how healthcare is delivered across Canada and improving patient outcomes and experiences through technology. Prior to joining Cisco in 2012, she was a healthcare consultant for the World Health Organization (European Region and International) before beginning her own healthcare consulting company in Canada. Shanti began her career as a Registered Nurse and has worked in maternal/child, reproductive health, STI management, medical/surgical, and HIV/AIDS clinical areas. She holds honours bachelor of science degrees in human biology and zoology from the University of Toronto, a bachelor of science in nursing from Thompson Rivers University, and master of health administration and master of science in nursing degrees from the University of British Columbia. Shanti also has CHE status with the Canadian College of Health Leaders and holds a nursing license with the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia. Feel free to follow Shanti on Twitter at @ShantiGidwani. Shanti Gidwani est la directrice nationale principale des soins de santé chez Cisco Canada et responsable de la transformation des modes de prestation de soins de santé pour tout le Canada et de l’amélioration de l’état de santé des patients et des expériences par l’entremise des technologies.
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