The Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA) is your Answer to the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL)

The recent introduction of the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) requires Canadian companies to verify whether individuals have given permission to receive messages that may be marketing or otherwise considered SPAM.

The Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA) has several built-in features to help companies adhere to CASL guidelines. The Outbound controls on the ESA are focused on ensuring senders are not seen as a SPAM source and that messages to clients are validated against data sources. Optional settings such as Per-sender Throttling and High Volume Mail Detection can also assist in ensuring no unauthorized individuals can send bulk email. The following list details some of the built-in features that can be enabled for outbound mail.  Continue reading

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A Thousand and One Uses for Video Cameras in Cities

Video cameras are becoming more and more common in cities around the world. In fact, cameras are no longer reserved for the police, who traditionally use them to discourage criminal activity and assist investigations. They are used for many different reasons. For example, images obtained from cameras installed around a group of buildings can be useful to the Ministry of Transportation for managing traffic; to the highway department for optimizing snow removal; to municipal services for managing special events or optimizing the use of parking space…

The concept of a “smart city” calls for more use of video. Furthermore, a study conducted last year by IHS revealed that the video surveillance market will generate revenues of 20.5 billion dollars in 2016, an increase of 114% compared to the 9.6 billion reported in 2010.  Continue reading

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Internet of Things for Buildings (BIoT)

Almost nine years ago, I joined Cisco in its corporate real estate department. The team I joined was tasked to look at innovative ways to reduce the need and improve the utilization of slightly less than 20 million sq.ft of corporate real estate. I’d like to believe that this is where the Cisco Smart + Connected Real Estate practice was born. Now, almost nine years later and after several departmental and international job-role changes, I am still close to the transformation of the real estate industry.

My role has since expanded, but I am still passionate about the opportunities in front of us to help the construction and real estate industry embrace technology and innovation as it looks to improve productivity and efficiency in what is still a conventional industry.

I’d like to believe that we have taken the transformation to a whole new level in the Canadian marketplace, where I ended up settling after a few international stints.

One of the proof points for Canada’s success in real estate transformation, I believe, is the fact that the flight I am on from Toronto to Las Vegas is full of Canadians from the construction and real estate industry, and from the IT sector that supports the industry’s transformation. We are on our way to Realcomm.  Continue reading

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What Every Business Needs to Know, Now, About the Future of Work

Previously I’ve written about how the way we work is changing. Specifically, I said that work is more interconnected than ever before.

And it’s true. Think about all the ways you communicate with your colleagues and how they communicate with you. It’s changed greatly over the last decade as videoconferencing and remote working have become pervasive.

But how we collaborate with colleagues still pales in comparison to how we collaborate in our personal lives. Think about your family and friends and how seamless the experience is when you communicate. Devices with single-button design. Video in the palm of your hand. User interfaces that are simple and intuitive.

SX10 Quick Set Continue reading

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How far we’ve come: Cisco and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Hundreds of Smart Communities, and thousands of municipal leaders from across the country, embarked on Niagara Falls May 29 – June 3, 2014. During a jam-packed five-day event, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) hosted its Annual Conference and Tradeshow. One of the highlights was FCM’s Annual General Meeting, during which Mayor Brad Woodside of Fredericton was installed as FCM’s new president.

In between the prominent speakers from Federal and Provincial governments, including Federal PM hopeful (2015) Justin Trudeau, FCM again pulled together a full agenda of industry and policy break-out sessions to help facilitate the dialogue between municipalities and their leadership, and drive the shared message of growth, development and engagement.

Left to right: John Longbottom (Canadian Smarter Cities Strategy Leader,  IBM), Gary Burroughs (Regional Chair, Niagara Region), Jim Diodati (Mayor, City of Niagara Falls), Rick Huijbregts (Vice-President, Smart and Connected Communities, Cisco Canada),  and Claude Dauphin (FCM President)

Left to right: John Longbottom (Canadian Smarter Cities Strategy Leader, IBM), Gary Burroughs (Regional Chair, Niagara Region), Jim Diodati (Mayor, City of Niagara Falls), Rick Huijbregts (Vice-President, Smart and Connected Communities, Cisco Canada), and Claude Dauphin (FCM President)

Cisco is in its third year of its partnership with FCM. It has been a great partnership between two like-minded organizations, as we look for opportunities to grow Canada’s economy and create prosperous and (globally) competitive communities. FCM has provided Cisco a great platform to share our beliefs on innovation, collaboration, and productivity with Canada’s municipal leaders.  Continue reading

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Expert’s Corner: #HealthSummit14

This post was republished with permission from ReBoot Communications as part of its “Expert’s Corner” series leading up to the 14th Annual Healthcare Summit in Kelowna, British Columbia.

In anticipation of The 14th Annual Healthcare Summit, Reboot is excited to present “Expert’s Corner”, a series of blog posts featuring outstanding healthcare leaders and professionals who will be speaking at the summit later this month. Read on for a glimpse of what #HealthSummit14 is all about…

We had the opportunity to ask Shanti Gidwani a few questions about her views and opinions on pressing healthcare topics leading up to the summit: Continue reading

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Putting the ‘Everywhere’ in Advanced Malware Protection Everywhere

It’s no secret that we’re more focused today on security than we have ever been. It began last year with our landmark acquisition of Sourcefire and continued in April when we announced Cisco Managed Threat Defense Service (MTD). MTD was the first service resulting from the Sourcefire acquisition and delivers a unique on-premise security solution integrating hardware, software and analytics designed to monitor, capture and analyze threats in any stage of the attack continuum.

Building on the momentum of these two announcements, we unveiled the latest piece of our security portfolio – Advanced Malware Protection Everywhere (AMP Everywhere) – last month at CiscoLive! in sunny San Francisco.

B0029P 0008

What’s new for AMP Everywhere?

Continue reading

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Four Ways to Add Cisco Canada to Your Social Network

At Cisco we are connecting the unconnected in ways never before possible. This is evident in the way we are transforming industries through the Internet of Everything, and in our mission to create the most connected games in Canadian history next year at the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.

For a taste of what I mean, take a look at this recent post by our CTO Jeff Seifert or any one of the posts by our PR Director Karin Scott sharing how we continue to transform education in Canada.

The Internet of Everything is an exciting evolution in how we use technology, one that isn’t stopping or slowing down. And it’s only going to get more amazing as we connect the 99 per cent of things not already connected to the Internet.

What would you like to see connected to the Internet? Odds are it will be a reality soon, or already is.

Continue reading

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Employees, a Precious Asset at Cisco

Over the past four years, Cisco has ranked among the top in the Best Employers list in Canada, compiled by the company Aon, which specializes in human resources. Cisco ranked third on this list in 2010, first in 2011, second in 2012, and first again last year.

This success did not happen by chance. Cisco adheres to a management philosophy that creates working conditions that are especially conducive to personnel development and to bringing the highest level of talent to the company. This approach, which is in effect throughout the entire organization, includes a number of measures that explain the success that we have experienced in Canada as an employer. Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 10.26.49 AM


It all starts with communication. Our employees can rely on our open-door policy to submit a problem to a member of executive management. That person has the duty to ensure that the employee’s immediate supervisor is aware of the situation. They must present their point of view transparently in order to set the record straight with the employee. The senior executive must enter into a dialogue with them to check whether they have thought about a possible solution, promoting development and stimulating creativity. In such cases, miscommunication can be detrimental.  Continue reading

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People, Place and Technology are Coming Together like Never Before

The Workplace of the Future

People, Place, Technology

Technological advances are catalysts for change in any business, and those changes are happening at a faster pace than ever before. Technology is transforming who we are able to work with and how we work with them, so it can no longer be considered an afterthought when designing the workplace.

Historically, the workplace is where people come together to work.  Relating the importance of the “Place” to design so that people could work more effectively was a natural progression of thoughtful study and experimentation.  Design, furniture and furnishing organizations have steadily advanced over the years to better understand the relationship between People & Place and to bring those findings to bear in their products and services.

People, Place and Technology Continue reading

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