Clara’s Big Ride: Crossing boundaries and pushing the limits to end the stigma on mental illness

It’s not only a bike ride across Canada; it is a connected experience like we have never seen before. Clara Hughes, six-time Olympic medalist in cycling and speed skating, will be pushing the limit in an epic 110-day (12,000 KM) journey to connect, educate and mobilize Canadians in a conversation on mental health. The exciting part is, we will be there to support her at every turn!

Clara Hughes Journey

Clara Hughes Journey

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Meet our riders for Clara’s Big Ride!

TODAY 200 riders are gathering at Maple Leaf Square to prepare to ride with Clara Hughes, six-time Olympic medalist in cycling and speed skating, to help end the stigmas associated with mental illness. These riders will join Clara for the first 5 kilometers of her 12,000 kilometer journey.  Together the riders will cycle to CAMH, racing through the streets of Toronto, building momentum and awareness for this tremendous cause!

We decided to catch up with some of the riders cycling on behalf of Cisco, and here is what they had to say…

Rick Otway

Rick Otway, Cisco Canada

  1. Hometown: Thunder Bay
  2. If you were going on the 110 day journey with Clara, what is the one thing you would need to bring with you?  Taxi Chits.  Definitely.  Maybe a whole Taxi.
  3. Are you a pro, regular or rookie cyclist? – almost regular!
  4. What tunes will you be listening to when you take off on March 14th Some nice Metallica would be good..
  5. Other fun fact about yourself: Will be cycling up Mont Ventoux In France this spring with some great Canadian Olympians and Musicians! Continue reading
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Stories from Enterprise Connect: From Orlando with Love

You’ve probably heard us talk about the office of tomorrow, but what is becoming clear to me is that the office of tomorrow isn’t really an office at all.

Today every hotel room, home office, coffee shop and park bench is the true office of tomorrow.

Technology is making it increasingly easier to connect and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers from any location, anywhere. You’ve probably also heard us talk about how TOMORROW starts here – well, that has never been more true than today as we announced our latest immersive, interoperable and scalable collaboration solutions at Enterprise Connect in Orlando.

I thought I would take this opportunity to hop on the blog to highlight some of the key announcements for all of those who couldn’t join us in the sunshine state. Continue reading

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How the Internet of Everything Will Shape the Next 25 Years of Internet History

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web, an important milestone as we look at how far we’ve come and how the Internet of Everything (IoE) is shaping our future.

Developed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a researcher at CERN, the Web was borne from the need to keep track of complex, large-scale projects without the loss of important information. We’ve come a long ways since March 1989, when Berners-Lee published his idea of “linked information systems.”

Today, IoE is driving connections beyond just data. The convergence of connecting people, things, data and processes is transforming organizations, industries and our lives. The growth of mobility and cloud computing is further driving innovation and an increase in the number and kinds of connections.

To illustrate this transformation, let’s take a quick look at life just two decades ago. According to a new national survey to mark the 25th anniversary of the Web, Pew Research revealed that in 1995, 42 percent of U.S. adults had never heard of the Internet and an additional 21 percent were vague on the concept—they knew it had something to do with computers and that was about it. In addition, 20 years ago, only 14 percent had access to the Internet.  Continue reading

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Looking back on the Wavefront Wireless Summit, 2014!

The technology industry is constantly changing. Here at Cisco we not only try to keep up with the latest trends, but dictate the course of them. However, we don’t do this alone. Our insightful partners and customers keep us on our toes.

Year over year, Cisco sponsors various events to ensure that we are constantly communicating with our partners and customers. This year, we were lucky enough to join the Wavefront Wireless Summit in Vancouver.

The summit took place from February 4th – 6th, 2014 and included speakers such as David Robinson, VP Emerging Business at Rogers, Anthony A. Reynolds, Senior Vice President at SAP, and Jeff Seifert, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Cisco Canada, to name a few.  Events like this put forward-thinking companies in contact with each other to further the wireless experience for end-users.

Jeff’s keynote presentation on the Internet of Things (IoT), captured the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interest at the event.  He discussed how M2M technologies are a core component of the IoT and how this is driving business innovations. The IoT and Internet of Everything (IoE) phenomenon are bringing together people, process, data and things to generate new capabilities for Canadian companies to reach new heights.

To learn more about the IoE, please visit our website here.

MattAuthor: Matt McColl

Matt McColl is a Wireless Specialist with Cisco based in Vancouver.  He has been working in the networking field for 18 years focusing on the wireless space.   In this time he has focused on developing solutions for enterprise customers in healthcare, Education, Oil and Gas and retail markets.

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The Next 36′s March Showcase at Cisco

The Next 36 community of young entrepreneurs, mentors and trustees gathered on March 4th at Cisco Canada’s HQ to hear 13 venture pitches from 2014 cohort of The Next 36. While many gathered in Toronto for the event, others tuned in from Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton and North Carolina via TelePresence to answer tough questions and hear feedback from the assembled business leaders.  N36 co-founder, Prof. Ajay Agrawal played host and moderator to  lively debates around a venture’s potential– as when WIND Mobile’s Anthony Lacavera “loved” a product idea that Rypple co-founder Dan Debow said “needed rethinking”.

Cisco’s hospitality included not just the communication tools for coast-to-coast dialogue, but also a luncheon and networking session where the young entrepreneurs could get one-on-one feedback from the assembled business leaders, professors and entrepreneurs, who are all volunteering their time to help. We were thrilled that Cisco’s Paul Zed, Nitin Kawale and Willa Black were able to be part of the event, underscoring the personal commitment of Cisco leadership to innovation, excellence and Canadian prosperity.  Continue reading

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New Cisco IoE Innovation Center a Catalyst of Opportunity

Today it was my pleasure to participate in one of the most exciting announcements so far this year: Toronto has been selected as the location for one of four global Cisco Internet of Everything (IoE) Innovation Centers, and will serve as a global hub for thought leadership and solutions development that will capture the value and imagination of IoE.

Our new IoE Innovation Center will be located in Oxford Properties’ RBC WaterPark Place, scheduled for completion in spring of 2015, and will take up approximately 15,000 square feet. Our space in the brand new hyper-connected and LEED Platinum building in the Toronto waterfront revitalization will consist of a 5,000 square feet solutions lab environment and a cutting edge experience and demonstration centre. In this, Cisco Canada will invest more than $100M over the next ten years which will include the relocation of our Canadian headquarters to the same Oxford Properties’ site.

Rick 1

This new IoE Innovation Center will succeed our current Smart + Connected Communities Innovation Center that we opened in June of 2012. Until now, our innovation center has primarily been used to collaborate closely with our partners and industry to co-create scalable and repeatable networked solutions and proof of concepts for smart buildings in smart cities. Together with a new eco system of partners and our existing value-added-reseller community, we have pushed for the transformation of an industry that only now starts to accept IT and IP networks as instrumental to the shaping of our built environment. Continue reading

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Made in Canada: How we are making the Cisco Business Edition 6000 easier for partners

By all accounts, the Cisco Business Edition 6000 is an incredible product.  Able to handle 1,000 users, 100 contact centre agents and up to 50 remote branch offices, the Cisco Business Edition 6000 simplifies our unified communications and collaboration portfolio for mid-sized companies – literally putting it in one box.

The Cisco Business Edition 6000 is a single server and fully virtualized environment – embedded services include Cisco’s world renowned Unified Communications Manager, Unity Integrated Voice Messaging, Instant Messaging and Presence and Cisco’s Integrated Video Communications Solution. The Cisco Business Edition 6000 also supports various 3rd party applications that can be running co-resident on the same Cisco Business Edition 6000 server, saving customers the headaches of buying additional servers and maintenance to host them.
Cisco Business Edition 6000

To create a seamless experience for customers, the Cisco Business Edition 6000 can be specifically configured to your business’ environment.  As you can imagine, with a solution that offers this many options, there are a lot of choices to make. Continue reading

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Not another phone system: Raising the Table Stakes for communications systems.

“We initially went looking for a phone system, but we found a lot more with the Cisco Business Edition 6000.  We now have the tools we need to truly align business communications with our values of promoting excellent customer service and environmental sustainability, while enhancing employee work experiences.” Sandro Ragogna, director of finance and IT at Genuine Health.

 I’ve been in the Networking and Communications industry for over 25 years and it’s amazing to me how our customers’ table stakes have evolved as it relates to their company’s communications systems.  Ten years ago, we heard things like “I need a DID (or a dedicated number) and voice mail”.  Now we are hearing things like “I need single number reach for all my phones and devices, I need unified access for my voicemail, I need Mobility, I need Instant Messaging”.  Table stakes are not changing every decade, they are rapidly evolving each year.  This is a dynamic time and it’s exciting for us to work with organizations that are embracing the speed of innovation and investing in sophisticated “collaboration platforms”.  Continue reading

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Our workspace is changing! Are you as collaborative as you could be?

When I was a sales executive ‘way back in the day’, I recall an opportunity where a successful sales deal originated by the demands of one my IT customer’s HR department wanting to build an intranet for their employees. I had the opportunity to fly to California head quarters to meet with the Human Resource Vice President to discuss his requirements. As rudimentary as the net was back then, it was a great example of IT and the Lines of Business (LOB) working together for a common goal.

Fifteen years ago this was deemed a unique one off use case. Nowadays it’s a common story. LOB’s are demanding support from IT departments in this new cloud/mobile era. Business requirements have evolved and made collaboration technology benefits more quantifiable in the areas of productivity, innovation and growth. 

Collaboration Roadshow

Today’s work is more interconnected than ever before. See below for some facts on today’s collaboration technologies.*  Continue reading

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