What Cisco Being A Part of the TO2015 Games Means to Me

What comes to mind when I see Pan AM swag around my office? Athleticism, togetherness, and a fun environment—values that we live by here at Cisco! And why is this great? It shows that Cisco is not a company that only cares about technology, but we care for the well being of our employees, our friends, our families and athletes around the globe.

A few months ago, I was asked to be a part of something special…a part of a TO2015 video. I ran towards the opportunity because fitness is important to me, and I am genuinely proud to see the company that I work for promote health and fitness. Although this may not have been my Hollywood debut, it was a fun run, and was great to work alongside peers that share the same excitement that I do. Check out the video below.

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What keeps you up at night? Latest Cisco research reveals why Canadian organizations need to shore up their network security strategy sooner than later

When it comes to network security, what keeps IT professionals up at night?

With new Cisco research revealing that 60%of Canadian organizations don’t have a security strategy or policy in place, or are unsure whether their current strategy prepares them for the future, there just may be a lot of sleep-deprived network managers out there.

It goes without saying that, without a comprehensive security approach, Canadian businesses are leaving themselves woefully underprepared when it comes to guarding against data loss, theft and persistent malware attacks. Our research bears this out, flagging that six out of 10 businesses either do not have a security strategy in place, and/or are unsure whether their security strategy accounts for an evolving data centre and IT consumption model, or do not have a strategy to prepare for these changes. The research also notes that “Canadian businesses with less than 100 employees are the most likely to not have a security strategy (26%), while mid-sized businesses are the least likely to have a strategy in place for changing IT consumption models (25%). Continue reading

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The Internet of Everything, for Everyone

Two significant events took place in Toronto in the last week of October: SmartWeek 2014 and the Toronto Global Forum.

SmartWeek 2014 was the inaugural Canadian version of what is becoming a global phenomenon. With the theme of “Innovating the Future of the Internet of Things” the conference, hosted by the University of Toronto, acted as a gathering spot for industry, government, academia, entrepreneurs and exciting startups that want to build on the great opportunities of the digital age.

Rick IoE for Everyone - Nov 25

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To Live and Collab in L.A.

This year Collaboration Summit was set in sunny Southern California and although I’m sad I couldn’t be there, I thought I would hop on the Cisco Canada Blog to review the major announcements. So without further ado, let’s take a look at Project Squared, the Cisco Business Edition 6000 coming to the mid-market and the new look three-screen TelePresence units.

Project Squared

Project Squared

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Cloud Computing, Coming to an Oil and Gas Company Near You

For many in the Oil and Gas industry cloud computing might seem like a confusing IT buzzword with very little substance. Trying to wade through the complexities of all its offshoots (public, private, on-premise cloud) without understanding the base concept probably just makes things worse. So is this just technology for technology’s sake or are there some real benefits to cloud computing for Oil and Gas?

The answer is unequivocally yes. Cloud computing will significantly change the way the Oil and Gas industry will use IT, and, in fact, the change is already underway.

Brad - Cloud in Oil - Nov 19

Not so new after all
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Who is your Hidden Hockey Hero?

As Canadians, hockey is in our blood.

It’s a passion that brings us together like nothing else, and at Cisco we’re proud to offer the technologies that help Canadians balance their commitments from home, the office and at the rink.

That’s why today I’m proud to announce the launch of our Hockey’s Hidden Heroes contest, a call to Canadians across the country to tell us about their hidden hero. Whether it’s a coach who works long hours but always seems to be at the rink, or a parent who runs the team carpool and finds time to work from the stands, we want to hear your stories.

Tell us how your hero balances work and life and why they should be nominated for a chance to win weekly prizes and a grand prize of $20,0001 for their hockey club.

– Even if you’re not nominating anyone you can still get involved by voting for your favourite entries on our Facebook page

– Entries will be accepted until January 23, 2015. For full contest rules and regulations, go to www.hockeyshiddenheroes.ca

Enter the Hockeys Hidden Heroes contest now

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The Results Are In: Cloud Traffic Will Quadruple in Four Years

This week Cisco released its fourth annual Global Cloud Index, covering 2013 – 2018. We provide the study as an industry resource to IT professionals but its results have implications for just about everyone.

Excerpt from Cisco's Global Cloud Index Infographic

Excerpt from Cisco’s Global Cloud Index Infographic

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Cisco on Cisco: The New Workspace in Action in our Canadian Headquarters

By: Chris Wheeldon, Industry Manager – Smart + Connected Real Estate, Cisco Canada

Over the past few months, we’ve heard from a variety of participants who are helping to build the modern workplace. Increasingly, interior designers and technology providers are working together to provide occupants with the best experience possible. It’s no longer viable to assume that the role of either one or the other is sufficient to yield good results. Both parties have to collaborate to deliver an optimal experience.

Cisco has been developing and improving its Connected Workplace for about seven years now. Although it is continually evolving and being refined, there are several consistent expectations of our workplaces:

– Work anytime, anywhere
– Collaboration spaces and technology
– Demand-based usage
– BYOD and flexible working

Many people are involved in this effort, from both within and outside of Cisco. Continue reading

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True Growth, Strong and Free, in Canadian Municipalities

The first True Growth Summit, held on October 6th in our Toronto office, was a great success. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, curators from the communities of Winnipeg, Sault Ste. Marie, Windsor, Waterloo, Newmarket, Toronto, Kingston, Saint John, Moncton and Halifax took part in a day-long discussion about their experiences implementing True Growth and the power of collaboration.

I’m proud to announce it was agreed during the session, we all could accomplish our goals more quickly and effectively by establishing a National True Growth Ecosystem – one that is true to its founding principles of transparency, common projects, collaboration and celebration.

Before I share more about the outcomes of the first True Growth Summit, let me explain True Growth in more detail. All of the communities present at our Toronto Summit are currently implementing True Growth, which is defined by a six-step process:

  1. Map the Network – using the True Growth Map
  2. Identify Key Sectors – both economic and social
  3. Do a Gap Analysis – who else needs to be part of the Network
  4. Develop Sector Working Groups – identify a common goal and projects that will result in reaching the goal
  5. Develop Project Teams – set priorities and build a project plan
  6. Curate the Network – promote collaboration within and among the project teams.


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Creating a Smarter Oil and Gas Industry, Part 4: Conclusion

In parts one, two and three  of this series I discussed today’s Digital Oilfield, and how Cisco technology is helping transform and impact the oil and gas industry. From “Field Enablement” to enabling “field Automation,” connecting the unconnected through the Internet of Everything will be critical to evolving the Digital Oilfield.

The concept of the Digital Oilfield can be described best as ‘the end-to-end real-time interaction from down-hole in the reservoir to the sales meter, from a field engineer in a remote location to the Geoscientist in the head office’. Imagine people, process and technology all interacting in real-time for the purpose of extracting hydrocarbons cleaner, safer and more cost-effectively. It ultimately is a vision, not a destination, and there is a lot of value yet to be realized.


“Our vision is to create a digital oilfield, where all of our assets and people – both onshore and offshore – could be linked using the network as a platform to create a secure, converged IP infrastructure. By bridging the digital divide, we aimed to enable the paradigm of taking the problem to the expert rather than the expert having to travel to fix the problem.”

—Massimo Insulla, Drilling and Work Over Deputy General Manager, Petrobel

Collaborating within the Digital Oilfield is not new, but immersive and remote collaboration (anywhere, any-time, any-data, any-device, any-application) will be instrumental in addressing the challenges Canadian oil and gas companies face.

We have the opportunity to enable that vision with the Internet of Everything.  We just need to call it the Digital Oilfield.

It’s an exciting time to be in the oil and gas industry in Canada. Stay tuned for my four-part series on cloud computing and the impact it will have on the Canadian oil and gas industry, and leave a comment below.

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