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The Courage to Take Action

On September 30th, a community of passionate professionals came together for the first Women of Influence speaking series luncheon of the year. I was fortunate to be invited to deliver the keynote speech and share some of my leadership story … Continue reading

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Cisco SDN Controller for Enterprise Networks: APIC-EM and IWAN App

In my previous blog “APIC-EM: The evolution from traditional management to SDN-led, policy-based automation” I discussed how traditional management is transitioning to an abstracted model which will hide implementation details in order to accomplish simplification … something we are all … Continue reading

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Gen X 3.0: No more Middle Child Syndrome

We Gen Xers[1] have often been labelled as disaffected, ignored, sandwiched between the boomers (the trailblazers) and millennials (the innovators). I don’t think Douglas Copeland intended to malign us but we’ve always been referred to as the “slacker generation”. Nowadays, … Continue reading

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Northern Hospitality – Connected

Author: Shawn Cardinal  Connected North is a program with an ambition to provide quality video communications to remote communities in Northern Canada. This program will connect these communities with interactive education and healthcare services. For education in particular, students benefit … Continue reading

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The Cisco Experience: A Student’s Perspective

The all-too familiar feeling of change is in the air as the last week of Cisco’s Canadian Intern experience comes to a close. I’ve only begun to notice how often change presents itself since starting University last September, and although … Continue reading

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APIC-EM: The Evolution From Traditional Management to SDN-led, Policy-based Automation

The acronym SDN (Software Defined Networking) has been around for a while yet is still one of those concepts that mean different things to different people. At Cisco when we started the SDN journey for the Campus and Branch we … Continue reading

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Leveraging Spark as an Intern, Startup Growth Hacker, Troublemaker & Son

Here is my story as to why Cisco Spark is not a tool only for companies and business professionals but everyone. Cisco Spark was not a self-sought out discovery on the App Store. It was a mandatory tool we had … Continue reading

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Why is an internship at Cisco Canada awesome? You Get to Make a Meaningful Difference.

Chatting over coffee this morning, we realized sadly over Americanos that only 10 days remained in our Cisco internship experience. In a flurry of account planning, pivot tables and WebEx meetings, the entire four months had flown by. Although we’ve … Continue reading

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Cisco IoE Innovation Centre Toronto: Building our Innovation HQ

The idea of thought leadership — putting forth new ways of thinking around how to leverage the connection of devices, machines, and things — will be a major focus at the Toronto IoE Innovation Centre. In general, Cisco IoE Innovation … Continue reading

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Kangaroo Farts and the Teachable Moment

Author:  Sabrina Greupner is the Ontario Science Centre’s Cisco Science Fellow for Innovative Learning Technologies. This is Cisco’s first museum-based fellowship. As any adult who’s ever tried to hold the attention of a group of children knows, nothing can derail … Continue reading

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